Monday, October 08, 2012


Corruption crusader and the nation’s angriest middle-age man has promised to not only expose another big political leader in the next couple of days but more importantly follow it up with a GANGNAM performance. Addressing a packed media session today Mr. Kejriwal said that they will first brief the media on the financial irregularities committed by this “power person with political connections” after which the entire IAC team would perform a GANGNAM. While he refused to divulge any further details, hoping to keep the entire performance a surprise, speculations are rife that the team would be performing to the latest chartbuster “2G…3G…CWG…..CoalG…..JijaG”

On being asked the reason for this strange decision, Mr. Kerjiwal stated that the motto of his political party is to put smiles on the faces of the aam-aadmi and after much introspection he has realized that in today’s day and age if anything can help him achieve this goal – it has to be the GANGNAM.