Friday, June 08, 2007

The Wheel Does Turn....A Full Circle

Not blogged for ages now….On quite a few occasions I did like…God ! I need to document this..There would be a stream of thoughts flowing through my mind…But somehow..somehow..the last minute laziness…..See, that’s what examinations break can do…You take a break saying that ‘ Abhi exams ke baad blog karunga’..Exams get over in a week but ……….

Ok..This incident happened while I was returning to Mumbai after completing my Q4 exams. I boarded an Indian Airlines flight (Yes, it took off on time, there was plenty of leg room, I got excellent food as well all for 1700 bucks from Chennai to Mumbai..who needs low cost airlines)..Here I was, seated comfortably reading some magazine when I noticed a couple of elderly people entering in wheel chairs. There was another old lady (easily in her early 70’s) walking with support, but on her own. Just one look at her, the way she struggled to move and yet did not depend on others..I thought to myself..Wow ! that is the feeling of confidence, the strong feeling to be independent, to struggle but to make it own her own. An excellent example of
‘pushing your limits’

Seated next to me was a gujju grandma. She was so weak and fragile, struggling to even breathe properly. I thought to myself. Why ? At this age, she needs to travel. I noticed that there were tears rolling down her eyes. She couldn’t express herself using words. Just an occasional grunt. I told myself, maybe she does need to fly, to consult a super specialist doctor somewhere in Mumbai.

During the rest of the journey I as thinking about old age and how in life we move from a cycle of Total dependence (child stage), to partial independence (school kids), to a stage of complete independence bordering on the extreme (college and working days) and finally back to total dependence (old age)

The wheel does turn a FULL CIRCLE…..